Bandari College

"Bandari College was established in 1980 as a training and staff development institution for the Kenya Ports Authority. The College today caters for the training needs of the Maritime industry. It also provides facilities for holding workshops, seminars and conferences."


"The Hostel and Catering Unit was established at the conception of the College in 1980, headed by a Cateress, and assisted by a Housekeeper, with supportive staff of about 26, both of the Hostel and Kitchen Unit. The College Kitchen initially was then operated by private firms and later around the year 1984 to 1996, it was operated by outside caterers producing Meals to courses participants attending courses at the College. In 1996, the College started providing Meals for its Clients attending Seminars, Workshops and few of the K.P.A Courses e.g. IPP Course The Establishment was later upgraded and headed by a Hostel/Catering Administrator, assisted by a Cateress, a Housekeeper and support staff."