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Bandari College

"Bandari College was established in 1980 as a training and staff development institution for the Kenya Ports Authority. The College today caters for the training needs of the Maritime industry. It also provides facilities for holding workshops, seminars and conferences."


  1. Diploma in International Freight Management
  2. Diploma in Maritime Transport Logistics
  3. Craft Certificate in Maritime Transport Operations
  4. Certificate in Maritime Transport Logistics
  5. Foundation Diploma In Shipping
  6. Forklift and ECH Driving
  7. Terminal Tractor Operators
  8. Mobile Crane Operators
  9. Top Loader/Reach stacker Operator
  10. Gantry Crane Operators
  11. Crane/ Winch Operators
  12. Basic Cargo Documentation
  13. Basic Firemanship
  14. Basic Seamanship
  15. Emergency Aid
  16. Fire Wardens
  17. First Aid Course
  18. Handling of Hazardous cargo
  19. HSE Induction Course for Dockers
  20. Implementation of IMDG Code
  21. Introduction to Port Management for Senior Managers
  22. Management of Container Terminal Operations
  23. Management of General Cargo Operations(IPP)
  24. Operations Assistant
  25. PDP Effective Container Terminal Management
  26. PDP Introduction to Container Terminal Operations
  27. PDP Safe Container Handling for Dockers/Serangs
  28. PDP Supervision of Container Terminal Operations
  29. Safe Slinging For Dockers