Bandari College

"Bandari College was established in 1980 as a training and staff development institution for the Kenya Ports Authority. The College today caters for the training needs of the Maritime industry. It also provides facilities for holding workshops, seminars and conferences."


Our libary services are grouped as follows:


The College library falls under the category of special libraries. The library was established in early July, 1981 when it started operating. The sources of information available to users are books, periodical, reports and projects in hard copy. Also available are e-books.   Subject coverage is on:

  • maritime,
  • engineering,
  • law,
  • Management/Administration,
  • Information Technology and
  • information science.

The main aim of the library was to support the College activities by offering, above all supplementary reading and research materials to both staff and course participants at the college.The library also aimed at furthering the reading interests of all the interested employees of both the Kenya Ports Authority and the then Kenya Cargo Handling Services Ltd and the larger maritime community. In 1981 to 1989, the library received book donations from the British Council - Books Presentation Programme. Books in stock at the time were approximately 3,000 volumes and 45 periodicals being subscribed monthly, with only three staff that assisted the users in finding information relevant to their research.With time the library expanded gradually. In 13th July, 1998, the library went commercial. In the year 2000, the Central Reference Library at the Kenya Ports Authority headquarters was merged with Bandari College library. The library acts as a central resource centre for all the Kenya Ports Authority staff and course participants of the college as well as members of the public who qualify to be members of the library. In 2004, Kenya Ports Authority entered into an MOU agreement with the University of Nairobi and as a result UON students who are at Bandari Campus access the library facilities. The library stocks the relevant books for UON students. Currently, total number of volumes is approximately 13,985 in print. It also subscribes to on-line/e-books sources.